An application for a Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is a simple and straightforward process that can be facilitated by the Embassy. Please pay keen attention to the information provided on this page before submitting an application for a new passport.

General Guidelines:

  •  A Machine Readable Passport is valid for five (5) years from the date of issue. An applicant with a passport with six months or less of validity is encouraged to apply for a new passport before the expiration date.
  • Carefully read all instructions provided on the Passport Application form. Download here.
  • A person who is a Guyanese citizen whether by birth, naturalization, registration or decent is eligible to apply for a Guyana passport.
  • Certified English translations of all accompanying documentation is required for submission.
  • Applicants under the age of sixteen (16) years are required to be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian. A notarized affidavit from the absent parent or documentation of guardianship shall be provided by the parent/guardian. These documents will detail the custody arrangements of the child and information of guardianship respectively.
  • An original document must be accompanied by a photocopied version.

Required Documentation:

Completed Passport Application Form

  • Three (3) recent passport-sized photographs • Original Certificate of Birth/Naturalization/Registration/Registration of Overseas Birth/Adoption
  • A coloured copy of the Bio-data Page of the current Republic of Guyana Passport
  • The expired Republic of Guyana Passport (The Embassy will cancel this Passport and return to the Applicant)
  • Original Certificate of Marriage (if the applicant is a female and is married, divorced or widowed and there was a change of name)
  • Original Deed Poll/Declaration/Decree Absolute Certificate (If there has been a change of name other than through Marriage)

For Lost/Damaged/Stolen Passports:

In addition to the relevant documents stated above, the applicant must provide the following additional information:

  • A Sworn Affidavit signed before a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavit stating the circumstances causing the Passport to be lost/stolen/damaged. This can also be done at the Embassy.
  • Police Report (signed, stamped and certified by the issuing Authority)


Passport Procedures

The applicant has to complete the following:

  1. Submit completed passport application along with three passport photos
  2. Submit birth certificate and if a married woman, the marriage certificate
  3. Deposit USD$100 to the Embassy’s USD account( USD$70 for the passport and USD$30 for the courier)
  4. In the case of a new born baby, the birth certificate and a translation of the said birth certificate must be submitted and the Mission registers the birth as well.
  5. A cover letter is prepared addressed to the Director General informing what the letter is inside the package and attaching the receipt of the transaction.
  6. The package is then sent to the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs of Guyana via FEDEX
  7. Within a period of two months a package from Guyana’s Foreign Ministry is sent to the Embassy.
  8. The Embassy contacts the applicant to provide their postal details via e-mail (
  9. When the package arrives with the new passports, the Embassy informs Guyana’s Foreign Ministry and sends the passports to the applicant/s via Aramex.